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10 Comments on “New Website

  1. Good Morning, I am trying to book a couple massage new customer, but I cannot find your hours I know it is early in the morning but am I missing it? Happy to see your new location!!!

    • I Dorene! I’m still here in Middlefield and won’t be completely out of here until May 1st, but I’m taking appt.’s at Dolce Vita starting April 18th. My hours are the same as Massage By Melanie, 11:00 – 8:30 Tues-Sun, but I’m hiring someone to take the mornings starting at 9am and they’re also going to work Mondays. I’ll have people 7 days a week morning noon and night. Well, I’m hoping I can achieve that anyway.
      Today is April 11, and I don’t think I’ll have availability until the 18th because I’m booked with clients here in my little office.

  2. I have an expired groupon that’s now worth face value and don’t know how to make an appointment with it… Should I just put in the service I want and show up with the groupon?

  3. I thought I originally scheduled an appointment for Tuesday 6/9 for a massage however I never received a confirmation email so it may not have gone through. If it did I will not be there on Tuesday and wanted to give a 24 hour notice. I did schedule an appointment for later in the week. Thanks. Any questions my number is 203-214-6013.

  4. I’m trying to book a massage with a living social groupon but the website isn’t accepting it. What should I do?

    • The website doesn’t know those codes. Just give us the code when you get here. Lots of people ask that question so I’m glad the answer is here in the comments!

  5. Hi Melanie! When are you resuming appointments?
    Thank you!

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